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Financing home care

Providing care for a loved one shouldn't break a family's budget. That's our belief here at Sage. We are committed to making home care easy to manage and within your budget.

Hourly rates comparison
  • Sage
  • $25/hour
  • (2 to 11 hour shifts)
  • 2-hour minimum
  • Other agencies
  • $25 - $35/hour
  • (2 to 11 hour shifts)
  • 3+ hours minimum per visit
How are we able to keep the cost low?

We use technology to our advantage, which allows us to automate things such as creating the client profile, matching with Sage Caregivers, scheduling, and providing caregiver feedback. As a result, our rate is about 25% lower than other agencies, while at the same time, we are able to pay our Caregivers competitively.

Do you work with long-term care (LTC) insurance?

Depending on the service provider and terms in the policy, it is possible that a portion of the cost spent on Sage services can be covered by a particular long-term care plan, or a benefit's package from work. Give us a call at 1(877) 218-2665, we can help you navigate through this process.

VA benefits

If you are or married to someone who is a veteran, the Veterans Administration has offered to provide financial assistance to help pay for eligible expenses. Give us a call at 1(877) 218-2665, we'll be happy to help you and your family navigate through this process.