Modern home care built for modern families

From our family to yours, we built Sage for seniors everywhere and to let you take better care of your loved one.

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A different kind of home care

We're using technology to our advantage - from showing video interviews of your loved one's caregivers, to keeping track of health metrics, medical notes and low-running supplies, you're never left out of the loop.

What's different about Sage ↓

Caregivers who we would hire for our own families

  • Extensive interviews

  • Personal Support Worker Certificate or Registered Practical Nurse

  • Reference checked and recent CPR-C training

  • Backed by $1M in liability insurance

Before we bring onboard any new caregiver, we always do a gut check and ask ourselves: "is this someone who would want to hire for our own parents?"

Manage care via text

Text us when you need to request a new visit or modify care schedules. Think of us as a friend, we're always just a text away.

Spend less time getting supplies, more time with your loved one

When an item is running low, we'll notify you via the care summary. All you have to do is click "Order" and have it magically arrive at your loved one's home.

One stop. Everything you need

Features Sage Other agencies
Care assessments

Meet with you and your loved to create a care plan prior to care begins.

Dedicated care manager

Your personal concierge to help weather through unexpected events.

Hourly rate

Average hourly rate for visits that last 2 hours or more.

Caregivers' insurance

Liability insurance to make sure your loved one is safe and their belongings protected.

Watch caregivers' videos

Get to know your loved one's caregivers via video interviews prior to care begins. (Show me)

Caregivers' smartphone app

Access your loved one's latest care plan, preferences, medical notes and task list on a smartphone. (Show me)

All of our caregivers have a Sage app that allows them to see your loved one's latest care plan on the go. They know your loved one as well as their own family!

Know when your caregiver arrives

Get text message on your phone when your loved one's caregiver arrives and leaves.

Receive visit summary

Receive a visit summary via email that contains completed tasks, health metrics, low-running supplies and caregiver's notes. (Show me)

We know you want to keep a pulse on your loved one's care plan. That's why you'll receive a care summary via email after each visit.

Monitor weight & blood pressure

Get updates on your loved one's weight & blood pressure after each visit.

Never run out of supplies

When supplies are running low at your loved one's home, you can use our app to order more without ever leaving home.

Text your care manager

Text your care manager if you need to change or increase your loved one's care plan. (Show me)

Think of Sage like your extended family and text us whenever you need help - be it changing or increasing your loved one's care needs, we're only a text away.

Pricing like it should be


For visits last between 2 - 8 hours

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Longer visits

No long-term contracts, no commitments. Prices are subject to change.

Trusted, accessible senior care

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A care manager can meet with you in as little as 2 hours.